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How To Make Money Online 2019 With This Smart Ideas


Well! 2019 has started and we are almost entering the second quarter, and a lot of them are taking new year resolution still. If you are here, I am assuming that you want to know how to make money online 2019.

Well, you are not alone and welcome to the online world. A lot of information and data flows through the internet. 

You’ve to identify the method that works well for you and determine how to make money online 2019. I have listed few among them for you.

how to make money online 2019
Make Money Online 2019

How To Make Money Online 2019

  • Freelancer

 As the name says, it always a great platform to make money online on your leisure time. Register with the freelancing websites and apply for the jobs that suit your talent.

 An infinite number of projects are available throughout the world. Many employers are seeking freelancers, and you might get lucky and can work for anyone of them.

Below are some of the platforms where you can start exploring for freelancing jobs.

Quick tip: Update your profile often and learn extra skills to become a freelancer.

  • Virtual Assistant

Everyone’s dream is to work from home when you have responsibilities and should take care of someone at home. Virtual Assistant is one of the most excellent option for people who love to work from home and set their hours. There are a few items which you might need to become a virtual assistant. Check them out here.

  • A reliable computer
  • A decent internet connection with a decent speed
  • Microsoft word and other documents
  • Good typing and grammar skills
  • A good administration skills
  • Ability to do multi-tasking

 Quick tip: Be open to do the tasks and find out different ways to upskill yourselves. Always sell your talent that you value the most and earn out of it.

  • Blogger

You would’ve come across this term most often. Do you know there are around 100 million+ bloggers in this world? Well, everyone has their way of writing the content and unique way of expressing their views. All you have
to do is find the niche and start writing blogs about it.

Once you start writing blogs, you need to identify different methods to monetise your blog. Check out the below items where you can start monetising your blog.

Quick tip: Update your blogs at regular intervals and engage your readers. It will make them visit your blog quite often.

  • Youtuber

Are you interested in making unique quality videos? Well, you can create your youtube channel and attract viewers with your unique videos. You can create one, or you can upload attractive videos. Below are things which you might need to consider before you start a channel.

  • Check out your audience interests
  • Upload quality videos to attract viewers
  • Provide valid and valuable information
  • Target wider audience

Quick tip: YouTube is a great platform and it can help you grow with your original content. You can make money with your Subscription and views count.

  • Online Tutoring

Are you good at teaching? Well, this is the role that best suits you. A lot of young kids throughout the world are struggling to learn the language. Different organisations around the world are helping kids to achieve their learning needs. You can register with the below platforms by reading their “About” section. You can start teaching kids online at your flexible hours.

Quick tip: Teaching kids is one of the most wonderful thing in this world. You need to setup your workplace and attract kids to learn the most out from you. Engage with kids in an interactive way, which might help you gain lot of experience in teaching.

  • Transcriber

Yes, that’s right! You are going to type what you hear! Isn’t pretty simple? Well, a lot of companies out there looking for thousands of transcribers to work for them. You can type anything, either a courtroom scene or a movie caption or a public speech. All you need to do is listen to the audio and start typing. Below are the companies that provide you with these jobs and pay via online.

 Quick tip: Make sure to take typing test and improve your typing speed. As you may need to type on the go by hearing the audio, the more the projects the more you make money online.

These are all the ideas that are tested and works fine and accepted by more than 1Million onliners. This could be your starting point of anyone who is ready to make money online 2019. Kick start your amazing 2019 with one of these ideas and make your passive income online. 

What are all the other available resources that you think are missing and which is a proven method where you came to know about on how to make money online?

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